About us

We guarantee that the documents prepared with the help of our company’s specialists comply with applicable law. We assist our clients in drafting contracts and agreements and, if necessary, in negotiations with partners during the negotiation period. Our policy is to approach each client individually.

It should be noted that our company prefers business ethics and the principle of confidentiality in its work and values the trust of the customer. Our main goal is to direct the interests of our customers to the fulfillment of our obligations in a high quality and professional manner. Therefore, adhering to the principle of professionalism, we strive to ensure the interests of our customers and business partners, as a perfect professional ethical norm.

Victoryways has gained extensive experience in representing the interests of customers in the courts, providing advice on foreign business in Azerbaijan, participating in many projects related to important sectors of the economy.


Financial services

–  Interpretation of tax agreements; – Overseas licenses Audit of financial statements;

– Ratification of corporate tax returns and income tax returns;

– Tax planning;

– Providing advice on tax matters;

– Ratification of VAT revenues;

– Mergers and acquisitions of companies;

– Transfer evaluation;

Legal services

– Tax

– Corporative

– Contract

Customs services

– Customs clearance of all types of cargo delivered to the territory of Azerbaijan by air, rail, sea, road from anywhere in the world;

– Transportation of any type of cargo (metal, wood, glass, ceramics, etc.) by rail to Azerbaijan, as well as from Azerbaijan to any part of the world;

– We assist in the selection and placement of hotels in Baku and throughout Azerbaijan.

Personnel Services

-Assistance in preparing documents for foreigners;
– Temporary residence permit;
– Work permit;
– Visa extension;
– Extension of temporary residence permit;
– Registration at the place of residence;
– Assistance in recognition (nostrification) of diplomas obtained abroad in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
– Development of human resource management systems – mobilization of opportunities and individual consultation of human resources service staff;
– Human resource management – development of management policies and procedures for recruitment and selection;
– Work evaluation.



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